Access Control – Country Home

A modern twist for an old lady.

I have had the good fortune to be resident in a large country house that doubles as a B & B and the full time home to the hosts. On occasion I have the opportunity to assist with guest check in’s.

Recently I was taken by the excitement and enthusiasm of a young lady from abroad – so excited to stay in a genuine English country home, this was obviously something she had looked forward too. She just loved everything from the large formal drawing room, the walk up the creaking wooden staircase, her comfortable country house room. 

This got me thinking, how could I improve the process without destroying the essence of a stay in a country house, that had so enchanting this guest.

I set about this by studying each action that is taken, why and how it is done and what the guest wants from the experience of a country home – Realising that a chrome and glass view would not do the old lady any favours – The only fault I could find was the time it takes from ringing the bell to actually being let in, it can take a while – after all it is a big house with a lot of stairs.

This is not a big problem but as the winter approaches I see the wait being a bit cold, damp and windy – A wait in front of the entrance hall fireplace looked like the only improvement I could come up with. Simple, easy solution, a brass keypad door lock for guests – Easy!

Let me explain a little more about the process that happens when a guest checks in – its all a bit old fashioned and mainly paper based.

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