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Everything you need in one place and just a call away simple, personal and effective.

Everything you need from the back office, while you do what you need to!

 Accounts, Contract entry, Data capture,  Social Media, Web Page management, Advanced web based work flow management and so much more.

Custom designed client portals

simply log in and fill in your personal work request

& we will get the jobs done !





What we offer!

Service to suit your needs … With many years experience we know what you need – Why take time out of your busy day to deal with the back office stuff.

We know it needs to happen and we know how to do it.

So what will happen ? First Make contact with us

We will meet you in person or online to discuss what your needs are.

We will set up your own personal online portal, custom designed around what you need us to do.

There after all you need to do is fill in the information required and we will handle the back office jobs you have requested!

Hourly rates – pay as you go.

Simple . effective . personal

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