Fiber LAN

Overview for a Fiber LAN in a box. (Optical Distribution Network (ODN))

Use Case – Small/Med office or apartment block – clients +/- 64 clients per small system.

High quality managed redundant internet access for 32 to 512 clients per deployment using multiple leased line failover backhauls.

As an EG – Small office with 32 devices requiring internet / network access suitable for all Data, Voip and CCTV requirements.

This small deployment of 32 clients could utilize 2*1gig leased lines.

Rack mounted small edge router – This unit is capable of routing 3.4 million packets per second. Feeding the OLT by fiber at 10Gbps.

OLT Small 4 circuit Gpon OLT / 8 clients per circuit.

(Optical Line Terminal (OLT))

Rack mounted – 4 fiber runs with 8 drops each, Minimum deployment of 32 clients and a max on this hardware of 128 ONU (256 increase router spec) only 4 fiber cables required one to each node – breakouts then used to each desk / user as required. This can be to a single device, a wifi access point or traditional ethernet switch on a “desk” LAN. 

ONU – Client hardware (Optical Network Terminal (ONT))

4 * gig port / wireless N wifi all in one suitable for use in a shared office space with a few laptop clients (or for a small apartment).


Optional end points (ONU) range from

Single ethernet port to attach single PC/Wifi device or fibre switch for a full LAN deployment.

Service options – uses

Installation disruption is minimal as only one trunk cable required drop cables taken off at the final destination.

    • No power requirements for switching etc
    • 2U Wall rack mount – No switches cabling etc
    • Highly secure
    • Distance between remote offices is easily overcome.

If deployed in a small office this will serve the needs of all:

    • Internal Data
    • Voip
    • CCTV
    • Full secured by VLAN / firewalled
    • External networking private and public IP

Notes :

In a multi home dwelling the same infrastructure could be used and adapted to individual apartment requirements in place of the office layout in the EG above.

For the average home user this would give fully managed home internet plug n play.

For more specific needs there are many configurations and speed options.